Fake image please, "Call" a fake image immediately!

But it's just a real image.

Sometimes we will need an image just for preview, but usually we will need to open photoshop for a right resolution. If you are someone like I said, the Fake image please brings you a new solution for it.

This guy is talent, the Fake image please is an online tool, what you will need to do is just "call" an address for the image, bg colour, text colour, text content...just like this official sample codes:

img src="http://fakeimg.pl/300/"
img src="http://fakeimg.pl/250x100/"
img src="http://fakeimg.pl/250x100/ff0000/"
img src="http://fakeimg.pl/350x200/ff0000/000"
img src="http://fakeimg.pl/350x200/?text=Hello"
img src="http://fakeimg.pl/350x200/?text=World&font=lobster"

Easy, isn't it?

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