Can I use html5, CSS, JS use something frontend coding?

You want to know if it works before you try, this is happening everyday during you working time. I know I know, and Alexis Deveria knows as well, oops.

Alexis Deveria has build this site for every frontend workers, to list you all the result that how major explorers are support to _____ !, just type codes that you are looking for and get results before you get into trouble all day long.

Site:Can I use...

RGB to, does any color source transfer for you!

You have learned visual identity system, and you care about the color code usage in any of your client's project. You got trouble with the Pantone color source for web site designing, web color source for paintings, the monitor troubles, you image that if someone made a color database for all the color source transfer. just does this job, transferring any of color source to another color source, it just amazing!!

Domainsbot, the best domain name search tool 2014

Yes, likely the damn has stolen Psychic Whois.

I was wondering how graceful the Psychic Whois offers amazing whois tool for people who like me usually search available domain names, by recently the Psychic Whois disappeared. So I start to search an alternative tool, I believe the best tool will never disappear:D.

God blessed the Domainsbot shows me even better domain name results, and not only this, also iPhone apps.

Link: Domainsbot

The internet is always amazing, If you know any of the better tools, please comment me:D

Gayzo, the best printscreen sharing tool

So you usually share a screenshot to your friend or client?
The Gazyo is the best, small tool for you. The faster way to share a screenshot, as simple as just capture screen > copy address > past no your IM.

And, Gayzo also does 7 sec gif image for animation images sharing:D, IT'S FREE!!

If you like to pay $2.99/month, and you get more:

  1. Manage your past sharing images anytime.
  2. Mark on specific images.
  3. Sync with your mobile staffs.
  4. No ads.

Link: Gyazo

If you know any better software like Gayzo, please comment me:)

Taxonomies Filter Widget for Wordpress

So, you are looking for Query Multiple Taxonomies plugin solutions for your Wordpress site, and you have tried Query Multiple Taxonomies but it was just not that cool for your is what you want for multiple filtering your whole Wordpress posts, pages, custom posts with just $16 dollars.


  1. Create your own faceted search in seconds !
  2. Query multiple taxonomies and custom fields at once. And fast!
  3. (new) Range sliders for numerical custom fields (price, weight, height, age etc.) that work simultaneously with other filtering elements!
  4. Drill down, hierarchical navigation (eg: countries,states,cities,counties,towns)
  5. Simple, drag and drop filter ordering in admin interface.
  6. Blends in nicely with your theme by default.
  7. Specify for each category or taxonomy, the display mode: dropdown, select multiple, checbox or radio buttons.
  8. Possibility to also add a search input to your filter.
  9. Unlimited instances of the widget, each with its own settings.
  10. Works with any kind of page, post type, category or custom taxonomy.
  11. You can hide the empty terms and choose either to hide or display counters for each one.
  12. Dynamically updates term counts based on the current search.
  13. Supports both WooCommerce and e-Commerce.
  14. Now with an auto-submit option and custom field range slider!
  15. It works with WordPress 3.6 “Oscar”!
  16. It takes less than 30 seconds from install to a full search filter for your WordPress site!
Plugin Link here


JPEGmini, the Best JPEG reduce weight solution

It is painful when every time I design for Google image ad banner, I use to decrease the compression rate to fit Google's rule, and I got a poor quality. Now changed, The JPEGmini does a better job in JPEG file compression, it reduce your file size without decrease your quality, almost.


Yes, doing this for the images that will use in a flash ad banner will decrease the swf size as well.

Fake image please, "Call" a fake image immediately!

But it's just a real image.

Sometimes we will need an image just for preview, but usually we will need to open photoshop for a right resolution. If you are someone like I said, the Fake image please brings you a new solution for it.

This guy is talent, the Fake image please is an online tool, what you will need to do is just "call" an address for the image, bg colour, text colour, text content...just like this official sample codes:

img src=""
img src=""
img src=""
img src=""
img src=""
img src=""

Easy, isn't it?